A change of tune…

Usually I try and bring you folks interesting visual artists.. but, today is something a bit different. Jamey Johnson is one of country musics biggest breakthroughs in recent years, but he has way more to offer than the new standard of pop-esque country music.  His new album, The Guitar Song is a masterful showcase of the songwriting abilities of Mr. Johnson, all wrapped into a ‘black and white’ duel album. Jamey’s ability to put pen to paper, to guitar is fantastic, and with his deep drawling vocals, his songs will give you chills down your spine.  My personal favorites on the album are the powerful My Way To You, and That’s How I Don’t Love You, a song relatable to anyone who’s ever felt the sting of shattered love, and the comforting numbness that inebriation can bring.  But it’s not all sad country songs, with the playful wisdom shared in By The Seat of Your Pants, and of course the title track, The Guitar Song, which leads you through the storied histories of vintage, pawn shop instruments.

All in all, The Guitar Song offers you a song for every mood throughout your day, offered up for your enjoyment by one of the greatest songwriters in the entire music scene. Take a look at it, enjoy it, and as always, be easy. †BigPhil

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